Team Building
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  Working as a team   Ithaa undersea resturant, Maldives  

Teaching employees to work as a team through a culinary experience can reinforce basic skills such as

  • negotiation
  • flexibility
  • adaptability
  • even a bit of persuasion
  Getting started      

Rice Creations will arrange all the required portable equipment in order to be able to conduct the cook off challenge in most venue’s and environments.

Divide your group into teams with an even number of participants. Depending upon your goals, you can mix and match departments or divide the teams based on departments, such as accounting and marketing.

Provide a cooking start time and allow the teams a few hours to create their masterpieces.

  The end results      

As you get closer to the finish time, each team will nominate a team leader or representative in order to present the finished dish.

Ian Mancais will then conduct an informal critic session which is bound to provoke much laughter, muscle flexing and huge amounts of banter between the individual sets of teams.

A wining team will be announced and prizes given.
  RICE offers its team building services in South Africa and internationally.  
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